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The secret weapon for smooth feet!

Discover the perfect solution for soft and well-groomed feet with Mr. Fuss' No. 4 Advanced Pack.

The No. 4 Advanced Pack is a must-have for your foot care routine if you value smooth, supple skin!

Because Mr. Fuss' unique care system program completely avoids grinding, rubbing, or cutting.

Cost-effectiveness: This set saves significantly compared to individual prices in the advantageous pack. So you can grab a bargain right away! Comprehensive care package: The Advanced Pack always includes the high-quality Care Balm Plus No. 2, as well as our gentle solution No. 4, absorbent cotton wool for application, and depending on the selected equipment, also an instrument or instrument set. Gentle and effective removal thanks to Solution No. 4: Mr. Fuss' Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System enables the gentle removal of dead skin and cuticles. Our Solution No. 4 is the ideal all-round solution and is perfect for getting started with the care system. Comprehensively cared for with Care Balm No. 2: In addition to the removal solution, the set also includes our care balm for aftercare and maintenance in between. With 10% urea, propolis & evening primrose oil, you are caring for your feet with the finest ingredients. Together, the perfect combination to nourish the skin with nutrients and plenty of moisture.

Discover the unbeatable foot care that your feet deserve with the Mr. Fuss No. 4 Advanced Pack. Pamper your feet with high-quality care and experience the noticeable difference.

  • Scope of delivery: No. 4 Advanced Pack - (small version, Multi)
  • Active Solution No. 4, 250 ml
  • Care Balm Plus No. 2 - 10% Urea, Propolis & evening primrose oil - 100 ml
  • Natural cotton wool, 25 g
  • Stainless steel multitool, 2-sided for large quantities (e.g. calluses) and small quantities (e.g. cuticles) (Multitool)

Product Specifications

Included in this set:


High-quality tool with double end

Solution No. 4 - 250ml

Rapidly softening active solution

Cotton wool 25g

Special cotton wool made from natural fibers, easy to divide into thin layers, optimal adhesion

Care Balm Plus No. 2 - 100ml

With 10% Urea, Propolis, and Evening Primrose Oil.

Detailed description

Description in 5 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

This is how the AHAZ works

The Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System offers many benefits. This principle can help you too, it's that simple:

Gentle Callous Removal in 3 Steps:

1. Apply Mr. Fuss Solution

Apply the solution over a thin layer of cotton wool to the calloused area to be treated.

The softening effect:

2. Let it take effect for about 10 minutes

The keratolytic (callous-dissolving) solution softens calluses in a few minutes so you can gently remove them.

Gently remove, without rough or sharp tools:

3. Just push it away!

The softened callous can be gently removed with the special multitool. No risk of injury!

With the right aftercare, the application is maximally effective:

4. Apply the care balm

After using the care balm, apply cream to the treated areas for long-lasting smoothness. This cream is also the right care for regular use between treatments.

Just like with the cuticles:

1. Apply Solution

Also, when it comes to the cuticles, apply a few drops of the solution on a thin layer of cotton wool

The cuticle also softens in minutes:

2. Let it work briefly

Here it goes even faster. 2-3 minutes should be enough to soften the cuticles.

Softened cuticles can be easily removed:

3. Gently remove softened cuticles

Now the softened cuticle can be gently pushed back with a suitable pusher.

Shopping advice:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Bon produit

facile d'utilisation et efficace

Naomi emlick
Je ne regrette pas mon achat !

Je ne regrette pas mon achat, j’avais des callosités que j’arrivais pas à faire partir malgré les pierres ponces. Résultats des la première utilisation. Je l’ai utilisé 4 fois et franchement j’ai les pieds doux. Le kit comprend tout ce qu’il faut, je conseille le coton qu’ils fournissent, mieux qu’un coton démaquillant.

Douceur des pieds

Répond aux attentes contre les callosités

Client d'Amazon
Bon produit

Adieu torture, bonjour douceur. Mode d'Utilisation a appréhender mais très efficace

C'est un bon produit

facile à faire ; résulta parfait

Rien m’a dit 100 % top

Très bon produit très efficace. Rien à dire top je recommande.

Super einfache Anwendung

Funktioniert super, beste Hornhautentfernung

Très bon produit

J'ai utilisé ce produit pour les callosités des talons dont je n'arrive pas à me défaire.Produit très efficace.

Client d'Amazon
Au top

C’est exactement ce que le produit propose, efficacité et simplicité. J’adore.

Mr. Fuss Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System:

Gentle & unique

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