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Revolutionize your foot care!

Do you want to revolutionize your foot care? Then the "No. 4 Advanced Pack - Large" from Mr. Fuss is the solution you've been waiting for! Discover how you can gently and effectively remove dead skin, calluses, and cuticles without having to grind or rub.

Why you also need the No. 4 Advanced Pack - Large for your foot care:

Your feet deserve the best care! Here are good reasons to make the switch.

Comprehensive savings package: The "No. 4 Advanced Pack - Large" offers a complete package with plenty of content for hand and foot care. You will last a long time, even with multiple people, and all at the best price! Gentle and mild removal: The popular Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System from Mr. Fuss allows for the gentle removal of calluses and cuticles. Learn more about our system in the slides below! With Care Balm Plus for silky smooth skin and optimal aftercare: The care balm immediately nourishes and moisturizes the healthy skin after treatment. With regular use even between treatments, it can delay the formation of new calluses, leading to consistently smoother and well-cared-for skin. Pure moisture thanks to 10% urea, propolis, and evening primrose oil: If high-quality and effective ingredients are important to you, then you are in the right place. They provide moisture and nourishment for healthy skin.

Revolutionize your foot care today with the No. 4 Advanced Pack from Mr. Fuss! Give your feet the care they deserve and free yourself from annoying calluses and cuticles.

  • Scope of delivery: No. 4 Advanced Pack – (Large, Complete version)
  • Active Solution No. 4, 500 ml
  • Care Balm Plus No. 2, 200 ml
  • Natural Cosmetics Absorption Cotton, 25 g
  • Stainless Steel Instrument Set, Stainless Steel Callus Scraper, and Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher Double Instrument (Complete version)

Product Specifications

Included in this set:

Callus scraper

High-quality execution made of stainless steel

Cuticle pusher

High-quality execution made of stainless steel

Solution No. 4 - 500ml

Rapidly softening active solution

Cotton wool 25g

Special cotton wool made from natural fibers, easy to divide into thin layers, optimal adhesion

Care Balm Plus No. 2 - 200ml

With 10% Urea, Propolis, and Evening Primrose Oil.

Detailed description

Description in 5 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

This is how the AHAZ works

The Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System offers many benefits. That's how simple the principle can help you too:

Gentle Callous Removal in 3 Steps:

1. Apply Mr. Fuss Solution

Apply the solution over a thin layer of cotton on the calloused area to be treated.

The softening effect:

2. Let it take effect for about 10 minutes

The keratolytic (callous-dissolving) solution softens calluses in a few minutes so you can gently remove them.

Gently remove, without much mechanical effort:

3. Just push it away!

The softened callous can be gently removed with the special stainless steel callous pusher.

With the right aftercare, the application is maximally effective:

4. Apply the care balm

After using the care balm, apply cream to the treated areas for long-lasting smoothness. This cream is also the right care for regular use between treatments.

Just like with the cuticles:

1. Apply Solution

Also, when it comes to the cuticles, apply a few drops of the solution on a thin layer of cotton wool

The cuticle also softens in minutes:

2. Let it work briefly

Here it goes even faster. 2-3 minutes should be enough to soften the cuticles

Softened cuticles can be easily removed:

3. Gently remove softened cuticles

Now the softened cuticle can be gently pushed back with a suitable pusher.

Shopping advice:

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Customer Reviews

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C. B.
Es funktioniert!!!

Es stinkt ein bisschen, aber das ist absolut ok wenn man das Ergebnis sieht.Es tut nicht weh und wenn man es regelmäßig anwendet bringt es richtig gute Ergebnisse.

Amazon Kunde

Tut was es soll, ich lasse es allerdings länger einziehen als empfohlen

Stephanie Theissler
Funktioniert tadellos

Ich bin wirklich zufrieden mit der Tinktur und der Wirkung... zum Glück ist die Raspel jetzt geschichte. Ich hab das Set mit Lösung, Watte, Balsam und Werzeug gekauft aber ich denk da es sich um Handelsübliche Watte handelt braucht man die nicht zwingend dazu kaufen.Kann ich nur empfehlen, sehr unkompliziert und gepflegtes Ergebniss, mein Mann liebt es! 😍

L. Pietsch

Hilft super

reduziert Hornhaut umgehend

Ich habe seit Jahren starke Hornhautbildung an den Fußballen. Trotz regelmäßigem pfeilen wurde es nicht besser. Beim gehen hatte ich regelmäßig Schmerzen. Durch Zufall erinnerte ich mich, dass ich Mr. Fuss vor einigen Jahren bereits probiert hatte und bestellte die Produkte. Es wirkte sofort und der Schmerz den die Hornhaut verursachte, wurde sofort gelindert! Ich bin so dankbar!!!

Amazon Kunde
Mr Fuss

Alles bestens. Immer wieder gerne

Julia Reiss
Super Produkt

Wirklich super die Hornhaut an den Füßen lässt sich nach 10 Minuten super entfernen.

Nicht schlecht

Ich hatte mir etwas mehr versprochen, aber es funktioniert an Trockenen rissigen Stellen. Ich hatte die Hoffnung, dass noch mehr Hornhaut abgeht aber vielleicht muss man den Prozess regelmäßiger durchführen.

Mr. Fuss Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System:

Gentle & unique

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