Professional Nail Lifter Excavator Double Tool

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Turn Nail Edges into Masterpieces

Tired of struggling with tight spots and inaccessible corners when trying to shape your nail edges? Do you have ingrown toenails or other issues? We understand how frustrating that can be. But now there's a solution that will take your nail care to the next level! Mr. Fuss' Excavator Cuticle Pusher is here to tackle these challenges and provide you with effortless manicures and pedicures.

Here are the top 5 reasons why the Excavator is perfect for you

5 compelling reasons why it belongs in your beauty cabinet:

Versatile Application: The double-ended tool is perfect for both left and right-handed individuals, enabling professional manicures and pedicures. The rounded, slightly curved ends make it easy to treat nail corners and clean the nail folds. Precision and Control: The textured grip provides a firm hold and allows for precise work. You can easily reach difficult spots that might otherwise be neglected. Premium Quality: Made of high-quality metal with excellent craftsmanship, the Excavator Cuticle Pusher ensures long-lasting use and hygienic application. The stainless steel construction is rust-resistant and meets the highest standards – whether in a private setting or professional practices. Easy Cleaning and Sterilization: The cuticle pusher is easy to disinfect and sterilize, even in an autoclave. This ensures hygienic use.

Discover precise foot care instruments from Mr. Fuss! Perfect your manicures and pedicures with this innovative tool. Get the key to flawless nail edges now, say goodbye to your ingrown nail, and finally enjoy the professional care your nails deserve!

  • Package Includes: Double-ended Excavator Probe
  • Material: Rust-resistant Stainless Steel
  • Double-sided Tool
  • Textured Grip Handle
  • For Private and Professional Use

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Julia Magdalena Vostinar
Eckenheber / Doppelinstrument

Es eignet sich sehr gut zum Nagelrand ausputzen und ist sehr hilfreich beim entfernen von eingewachsenen Zehennägeln.

Klaus S.
Profi Eckenheber

ausgezeichnetes Instrument, gute Qualität, optimal zum arbeiten, liegt gut und fest in der Hand

Macht seinen Job

Sieht optisch sehr hochwertig aus, erfüllt seinen Zweck und von daher 5 Sterne :-)

Hilfreich für die Pediküre

Nachdem wegen Corona die Kosmetiker geschlossen haben, musste ich meine Ausstattung etwas anpassen.Ich habe mehrere Rezensionen gelesen und bei den günstigeren Alternativen wurde oft eine schlechte Verarbeitung bzw. scharfe Kanten genannt.Daher habe ich mich für dieses Produkt entschieden und kann es absolut weiter empfehlen. Die Verarbeitung ist hochwertig und somit stimmt für mich die Preis-Leistung.

Vanessa R
Tolles Produkt

Perfekt, sieht aus wie abgebildet.Gutes Material, sehr zufrieden.Schnelle Lieferung

Michael Entenmann
Stabiles Teil

Super Verarbeitet und auch noch sehr Preiswert

Tatjana Krecker KreaTture
Tolles Produkt!

Entyspricht meinen Vorstellungen!

Amazon Kunde

Wie die Beschreibung und auf Foto

Ella Beresford

Very good quality. Extremely happy to get it. Arrived earlier then expected.

The benefits of the Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System explained briefly:

Dear gentle pushing, instead of rough grinding!

So easy you avoid mechanical abrasion, which basically always leads to increased callous regrowth, and enjoy finally sustainably cared for feet:

Of course, it's logical.

Rough or sharp tools also make the skin rough!

Grater, pumice stone, or plane are not really suitable to have sustainably beautifully groomed feet.

We recommend:

So better get rid of it quickly!

If you want to have sustainably smooth skin and beautifully groomed feet, you should rather avoid these tools.

It's that simple to do it better.

A solution is the solution!

The keratolytic (callous-dissolving) acting Mr. Fuss Active Solutions soften calluses and cuticles in a few minutes. This way they can be removed gently and gently, and above all without mechanical abrasion.

Already after a few minutes.

Gently push away softened calluses!

Gently push, like jelly. No sharp or rough instruments, no rubbing or grinding. No rough heels anymore!

For a maximally sustainable effect.

Just apply a little cream to the treated areas!

That's it! For the best results, always apply a cream shortly after use. Best with Mr. Fuss Care Balm! Regularly creamed feet also wait longer for new calluses in between.

Finally also for you.

Hands and feet that can be shown off!

Without grinding or rubbing, your skin will not become rougher. This way you can look forward to smooth, soft heels.

Get excited.

Feet to fall in love with!

The Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System by Mr. Fuss helps you break the cycle of endless grinding. No rough tools, no rough skin!

Also on the hands.

Do the same with your cuticles.

The exact same process also helps you gently remove cuticles: apply solution, let it work briefly, push back cuticles. No more cutting or pushing back = soft, round nail beds.

Mr. Fuss Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System:

Gentle & unique

More details on the application and effectiveness of the Mr. Fuss foot care system program

Explained in more detail!

Do you want a detailed description of the AHAZ System?

Kacper tried it out!

Check out how easy the application is. Kacper's summary in 30 seconds!

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