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The secret weapon for flawless foot care!

Imagine being able to take foot care to a whole new level without the stress of expensive salon visits or painful procedures. With the No. 1 Advanced Pack - Large, this dream becomes a reality. Find out how you can get your feet in top shape - all from the comfort of your own home!

Why Mr. Fuss No. 1 Advanced Pack is essential for your foot care:

Four compelling reasons that speak for an immediate paradigm shift in your care routine.

Our set at the best price: The No. 1 Advanced Pack from Mr. Fuss offers a cost-effective option compared to purchasing our best-selling products individually. In this set, you will find the highly effective No. 1 Activating Solution, our nourishing Care Balm Plus, cotton wool, and depending on the variant, either an instrument or an instrument set. Optimal callus and cuticle removal: Mr. Fuss' popular Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System enables gentle and effective removal of calluses and cuticles. Learn more about this system in the slides below! Perfect for severe hardenings: Our No. 1 solution is Mr. Fuss' stronger solution, allowing for the removal of even the most stubborn areas. No more rubbing, cutting, or grinding: Unlike traditional methods based on strong abrasion and cutting, Mr. Fuss avoids unwanted side effects. With the Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System, the skin is treated gently and gently, and rough skin is a thing of the past thanks to the keratolytic process.

Experience the unbeatable care your feet deserve with the Mr. Fuss No. 1 Advanced Pack - Large! What are you waiting for?

  • Scope of delivery: No. 1 Advanced Pack - (Large, Multi)
  • Activating Solution No. 1 – fast & strong softening – 500ml
  • Care Balm Plus No. 2 – 10% Urea, Propolis & Evening Primrose Oil – 200ml
  • Natural cosmetic cotton wool, easily divisible into thin layers, super adhesive – 25g
  • Stainless steel multitool, 2-sided for large quantities (e.g. calluses) and small quantities (e.g. cuticles) (Multitool)

Product Specifications

Included in this set:


High-quality tool with double end

Solution No. 1 - 500ml

Quick & strongly softening active solution

Cotton wool 25g

Special cotton wool made from natural fibers, easy to divide into thin layers, optimal adhesion

Care Balm Plus No. 2 - 200ml

With 10% Urea, Propolis, and Evening Primrose Oil.

Detailed description

Description in 5 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

This is how the AHAZ works

The Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System offers many benefits. That's how simple the principle can help you too:

Gentle Callous Removal in 3 Steps:

1. Apply Mr. Fuss Solution

Apply the solution over a thin layer of cotton on the calloused area to be treated.

The softening effect:

2. Let it take effect for about 10 minutes

The keratolytic (callous-dissolving) solution softens calluses in a few minutes so you can gently remove them.

Gently remove, without rough or sharp tools:

3. Just push it away!

The softened callous can be gently removed with the special multitool. No risk of injury!

With the right aftercare, the application is maximally effective:

4. Apply the care balm

After using the care balm, apply cream to the treated areas for long-lasting smoothness. This cream is also the right care for regular use between treatments.

Same goes for the cuticles:

1. Apply Solution

Also with the cuticles, apply a few drops of the solution on a thin layer of cotton

The cuticle also softens in minutes:

2. Let it work briefly

Here it goes even faster. 2-3 minutes should be enough to soften the cuticles.

Softened cuticles can be easily removed:

3. Gently remove softened cuticles

Now the softened cuticle can be gently pushed back with a suitable pusher.

Shopping advice:

Which slider is the right one?

What is the best way to push it? Which package variant should I choose? Mr. Fuss has some different special tools. Use your old kitchen knife, or start like a pro.

Find out here what you push best with!

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Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Complete - Groß

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Habe beide Produkte gekauft, noch dazu zweite Creme Fußdeo, bin sehr zufrieden 👍 Einfach und tolles Ergebniss. Meine Fersen freuen such sehr 🥰


Mr. Fuss® - No. 1 - Advanced Pack Complete - Groß

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Hat Hand und Fuss ohne Probleme von der überschüssigen Haut befreit. Der Erfolg ist nicht von der Hand zu weisen.

Mr. Fuss Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System:

Gentle & unique

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