Active Solution No. 4 - 500ml

No. 4
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Size: 500 ml
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Say goodbye to stressed skin: Solution No. 4 by Mr. Fuss

Classic skincare techniques, like using a rough rasp against calluses, often do more harm than good. Mr. Fuss offers the revolutionary Solution No. 4 that changes the game. No more annoying rubbing and unpleasant grinding. Our solution softens dead skin and cuticles in minutes, for effortless, gentle, and gentle removal.

Solution No. 4 brings crucial changes, which is why you should definitely try Mr. Fuss!

Here are a few good reasons for you

No. 4 is the basic component of the Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System: Our solution is the all-around genius for advanced foot care, targeting calluses or cuticles and excessive growth. See how easy it can be in the slides below! Acts keratolytically (callus-dissolving): Solution No. 4 softens calluses or cuticles, making them easy to remove gently and ensuring sustainably soft, smooth feet. Rapid softening: Calluses or cuticles become soft in a few minutes, you can immediately benefit from the effect. Removal without effort: Say goodbye to strenuous scrubbing and rubbing. Ideal for beginners in the system care and users with common callus burden: Whether you are new to foot care or rely on regular care, Solution No. 4 is the right choice. Pure effectiveness: no frills, no color & fragrance: We focus on effectiveness without unnecessary additives.

Experience the difference now with Mr. Fuss' Solution No. 4. Order today to soon experience for yourself how easy, fast, and gentle callus and cuticle removal can be!

  • Scope of delivery: Solution No. 4, without accessories
  • Economy size 500 ml
  • Free of colorants and fragrances
  • Fast-acting

Product Specifications

Scope of delivery:

Solution No. 4 - 500ml

Rapidly softening active solution

Detailed description

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The benefits of the Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System explained briefly:

Dear gentle pushing, instead of rough grinding!

It's that simple to avoid mechanical abrasion, which basically always leads to increased callous regrowth, and enjoy finally sustainably cared for feet:

Of course, it's logical.

Rough or sharp tools also make the skin rough!

Grater, pumice stone, or plane are not really suitable to have sustainably beautifully groomed feet.

We recommend:

So better get rid of it quickly!

If you want to have sustainably smooth skin and beautifully groomed feet, you should rather avoid these tools.

It's that simple to do it better.

A solution is the solution!

The keratolytically (callous-dissolving) acting Mr. Fuss Active Solutions soften calluses and cuticles in a few minutes. This way they can be removed gently and gently, and above all without mechanical abrasion.

Already after a few minutes.

Gently push away softened calluses!

Gently push, like jelly. No sharp or rough instruments, no rubbing or grinding. No rough heels anymore!

For a maximally sustainable effect.

Apply a light layer of cream to the treated areas!

That's it! For the best result, always apply a cream shortly after use. Best with Mr. Fuss Care Balm! Also, regularly creamed feet wait longer for new calluses in between.

Finally for you too.

Hands and feet that can be shown off!

Without grinding or rubbing, your skin will not become rougher. This way you can look forward to smooth, soft heels.

Get excited.

Feet to fall in love with!

The Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System by Mr. Fuss helps you break the cycle of endless grinding. No rough tools, no rough skin.

Also on the hands.

Do the same with your cuticles.

The exact same process also helps you gently remove cuticles: apply solution, let it work briefly, push back cuticles. No more cutting or pushing back = soft, round nail beds.

Mr. Fuss Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System:

Gentle & unique

More details on the application and effectiveness of the Mr. Fuss foot care system program

Explained in more detail!

Do you want a detailed description of the AHAZ System?

Kacper tried it out!

Check out how easy the application is. Kacper's summary in 30 seconds!

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Reçu il y a 1h. Aussitôt testé.... Franchement je ne m'y attendais pas un résultat au bout de 10 min. Au-delà de mes espérances je recommande vivement.Désolée pour les photos dégoûtantes mais au moins cela pourrait aider .

Ioana Stefanca

Scioglie i calli in un batti baleno!

Zeynep Bicakci
Super Produkt

Warum ich nicht vorher drauf gestessen bin Ärgert mich ein wenig..diese Lösung einfach nur Wow..einwirken lassen abmachen das wars.

FRANKE Rosemarie

En pedicurie pour ramollir les ongles et les peaux plus duresImpeccable et efficace

Mai piu senza

Beh, come mai non conoscevo questo prodotto? Ragazzi, it’s a game changer per il trattamento dei piedi 😁😁😁

erste anwendung war eine enttäuschung..aber dann

nach der ersten anwendung hat sich so gut wie gar nichts getan...bei der 4. anwendung habe ich dann zwei blatt küchenpapier verwendet, auf 3lagen gefaltet, mit der emulsion getränkt im bereich fussballen/zehen und ferse, einen kosmetikmüllbeutel (10l) darüber gezogen und ein paar socken darüber damit nichts verrutscht...(ich kann jetzt nicht sagen ob es an dem plastikbeutel oder der mehrtägigen anwendung lag, vermute aber ersteres) und siehe da nach der anwendung (20-30min) genau das ergebnis wie auf den werbebildern...die hornhaut hat sich gelöst, mit einem stumpfen besteckmesser abgezogen. danach noch ein 20-30min meersalzfussbad und nach gutem abtrocknen (warten bis die haut vom fussbad nicht mehr schrumpelig ist, eingecremt (da tut's die fusscreme von z.b. aldi oder lidl (wer's teurer und sehr wohlriechend liebt dem empfehle ich die kneipp anti hornhaut intensiv-salbe)...und voila: geschmeidig weiche füsse...und noch eins: der umwelt zuliebe nicht für jede anwendung neue kosmetikmüllbeutel verwenden...auf links drehen, abspülen und trocknen lassen...kann man zig mal verwenden...produkt: klare kaufempfehlung!

Cliente AmazonCliente Amazon
Ottimo prodotto

Liquido leva cali, solo in 10 minuti per agire, sciogli cali - talloni perfetti. Consiglio

Pas miraculeux mais efficace

J ai des pieds très très secs et sachant cela je les est laissé tombé ses derniers temps, mes pieds ne sont pas parfait mais doux, heureuse d avoir retrouvé des pieds convenables

Très bien