Active Solution No. 1 - 200ml

No. 1
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Size: 200 ml
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The Foot Care Revolution: Get Soft Hands & Feet in No Time with Solution No. 1 from Mr. Fuss!

Step by step to silky hands & feet with the Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System. With the keratolytic (callus-dissolving) active solutions from Mr. Fuss, manicures and pedicures without grinding, cutting, or rubbing are finally possible.

Solution No. 1 is the first solution in the system care program and also the strongest!

Why it's worth trying Solution No. 1!

Good reasons to consider using Active Solution No. 1:

Part of the unique system care program: Effective callus and cuticle removal without sharp or rough instruments with instant effect. Coherent care concept: Together with the 4 main components (No. 1 to No. 4), No. 1 is part of a complete care concept. Learn more about it in the slides below! Gentle and mild removal: Even the toughest cuticles become so soft in a few minutes that they can be gently and mildly removed with the system's special scrapers. Available in two sizes: Available in two convenient sizes (200ml and 500ml) to meet individual needs. Without color & fragrances: Only what is necessary for effectiveness is included. No. 1 does not contain color or fragrances, but focuses on pure effectiveness.

Discover the magic of Mr. Fuss Solution No. 1 and experience the enchantment of soft, healthy feet within minutes! Order today and immerse yourself in the ultimate hand & foot care experience!

  • Scope of delivery: Solution No. 1, solo without accessories
  • Standard size 200 ml
  • Free of dyes and fragrances
  • Fast and highly effective

Product Specifications

Scope of delivery:

Solution No. 1 - 200ml

Fast & strongly softening active solution

Detailed description

Description in 5 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

The benefits of the Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System explained briefly:

Dear gentle pushing, instead of rough grinding!

It's that simple to avoid mechanical abrasion, which basically always leads to increased callous regrowth, and enjoy finally sustainably cared for feet:

Of course, it's logical.

Rough or sharp tools also make the skin rough!

Grater, pumice stone, or plane are not really suitable to have sustainably beautifully groomed feet.

We recommend:

So better get rid of it quickly!

If you want to have sustainably smooth skin and beautifully groomed feet, you should rather avoid these tools.

That's how it gets better.

A solution is the solution!

The keratolytic (callous-dissolving) Mr. Fuss Active Solutions soften calluses and cuticles in a few minutes. This way they can be removed gently and effectively, and above all without mechanical abrasion.

Already after a few minutes.

Gently push away softened calluses!

Gently push, like jelly. No sharp or rough instruments, no rubbing or grinding. No rough heels anymore!

For a maximally sustainable effect.

Apply a light cream to the treated areas!

That's it! For the best result, always apply a cream shortly after use. Best with Mr. Fuss Care Balm! Also, regularly creamed feet wait longer for new calluses in between.

Finally for you too.

Hands and feet that can be shown off!

Without grinding or rubbing, your skin will not become rougher. This way you can look forward to smooth, soft heels.

Get excited.

Feet to fall in love with!

The Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System by Mr. Fuss helps you break the cycle of endless grinding. No rough tools, no rough skin!

Also on the hands.

Do the same with your cuticles.

The exact same process also helps you gently remove cuticles: apply solution, let it work briefly, push back cuticles. No more cutting or pushing back = soft, round nail beds.

Mr. Fuss Anti-Callous, Anti-Regrowth System:

Gentle & unique

More details on the application and effectiveness of the Mr. Fuss foot care system program

Explained in more detail!

Do you want a detailed description of the AHAZ System?

Kacper tried it out!

Check out how easy the application is. Kacper's summary in 30 seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the differences in the various Mr. Fuss special scrapers.

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Molto buono

Per avere un effetto su parti molto dure meglio lasciar in posa 30 min. Ma in sostanza fa il suo buon compito

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Michaela Schäfer
Fußbalsam Plus2

Sehr gute Creme für die Füße werde sie immer wieder benutzen und auch kaufen.

Francesca f.

È ottimo davvero

Super efficace !!

Parfait ! Tout est parti en 10min chrono pour des pieds tout doux ! Juste faire attention de ne pas s’en mettre trop sur les doigts, faire comme écrit sur la notice utiliser le bouchon pour bien faire adhérer le coton à la peau ou alors mettre des gants :)

Evi F.
Perfekt & empfehlenswert

Bei korrekter Anwendung einfach perfekt 🤩 Das Produkt hält was es verspricht!Mein Vorgehen:1. Ich gebe die Lösung in eine flache kleine Wäschewanne (ja etwas verschwenderisch, aber doppelt schnell und wirksam)2. Ich mache 2 Durchgänge, jedes Mal 10 Minuten einwirken lassen. Ich habe mit 5 Minuten gestartet um die Verträglichkeit zu testen. Das würde ich jedem empfehlen. Man kann es sicher auch länger einwirken lassen, da sollte sich jeder langsam rantesten.3. nach jedem Durchgang wasche ich kurz die Lösung ab, und schabe die Hornhaut mit einem scharfen Messer oder Skalpell ab. Der Plastikschaber ist für mich zu schwach. Nach dem 1. Durchgang gehen die Füsse nochmals in die Lösung, erneut nach 5-10 Minuten (manchmal weniger lange abwarten) abwaschen und Hornhaut entfernen. Abschliessen die Füsse mit Seife intensiv abwaschen.4. Danach gehe ich mit einer feinen Hornhautfeile nochmal drüber und fertig ist die Pediküre.5. Füsse mit Hautdesinfektionsspray für Wunden noch kurz einsprühen (macht meine Fusspflegerin auch), und eincremen und in dicke Baumwollsocken (keine Stricksocken!!!).Das Ergebnis ist bei mir exakt wie nach der Fusspflege, einfach günstiger und schneller. Alles in allem dauert meine Behandlung zuhause 30 Minuten.Ich wende die Lösung alle 6-8 Wochen an, das genügt. Zwischendurch reicht eine Feile nach dem Duschen.Tipp für stark verhornte Fersen: die Wanne leicht kippen, und die Fersen darin baden. Somit erreicht man gerade die kritischen Stellen rund um die Ferse sehr gut. Das Ergebnis schafft keine Feile, egal ob elektrisch oder manuell.

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Fantastico.... Design meraviglioso
Mi ha velocizzato e facilitato il lavoro

È un prodotto fantastico.... Sono un estetista.... Sugli ispessimenti più intensi basta tenerlo un po' di più